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How To Install And Test Go On CentOS

How To Install Go On CentOS

Go also known as golang, is a compiled computer programming language developed by google. It is loosely based on the C language but designed to overcome some of its short comings.  It is a general purpose language and can be used from server-side development to games and streaming media.  It

Bash Scripting Introduction

Bash Scripting Introduction

Essentially bash scripting is just linking commands together.  You can perform many tasks consistently using predefined scripts allowing them to become repeatable and standardized. If you are looking for more information you can check out the bash man page. Each script should start with a "shebang" telling which environment to interpret

using inotify-tools to trigger events


What are Inotify-tools? Inotify-tools is a C libary that interface with the inotify kernel function. Inotify-tools are available on kernels later than 2.6.13.  These tools can monitor or act based on file system events, this is particularly useful for scripting out actions you would like to happen if an event takes