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Galera Cluster MariaDB Configuration On CentOS 7

Galera Cluster On Centos 7

Galera cluster is a true multi-master MySQL cluster using synchronous replication.   It allows for any of the nodes to be used as a master or all of them as well as providing automatic node joining and node removal. The multi-master configuration is very different from the typical master-slave configuration

Install mod_deflate on Apache

How to install mod_deflate

Mod_deflate is an apache module. Prior to having mod_deflate it was mod_gzip. Post apache 2.0 mod_deflate is used, it provides a slightly better compression than mod_gzip. It allows the size of certain file types to be compressed which in-turn allows clients to be able to download these files faster. This

Nginx Browser Caching

Nginx Browser Caching

You can use Nginx to Set cache expiration times  to leverage browser caching for the user requesting specific file types. This will cause the browser to retain the downloaded image until the length of the expires header. This will cause faster page time loads on each subsequent request performed by

Nginx Load Balancing

Nginx Load Balancer

Nginx can be used as a load balancer to multiple back-end web servers using the proxy functions. This guide will cover the basics of configuring the proxy server to pull from the other web servers. It assumes you already have completed the initial install of Nginx. If you do not

Setup and Optimize Zend OpCache

Zend Opcache

Zend OPCache: Zend OpCache is a caching engine that comes with PHP by default in later releases (PHP 5.5 and above).  It is a caching engine that stores precompiled php code in memory which ultimately results in performance increase as the code does not have to be fully recompiled on each new