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How To Install NTPD On CentOS 7

Install And Configure NTPD

NTP (Network Time Protocol) is a protocol which allows computers to synchronize time.  NTPd is a daemon that maintains the system time in synchronization with other NTP servers. This prevents drift which is the slow inconsistency of time on computers internal clocks. Keeping system time accurate is particularly important for

Install mod_deflate on Apache

How to install mod_deflate

Mod_deflate is an apache module. Prior to having mod_deflate it was mod_gzip. Post apache 2.0 mod_deflate is used, it provides a slightly better compression than mod_gzip. It allows the size of certain file types to be compressed which in-turn allows clients to be able to download these files faster. This

FFMpeg Install On CentOS 7

Install ffmpeg

FFmpeg is a video editing software that can be used to convert audio and video streams in linux. Compiling ffmpeg from source can be quite complex, so there are a couple alternatives, either installing from yum or a static build already created.  If you are looking for a more recent

Block Countries With Nginx and GeoIP

Nginx Geoip Restrictions

You can use nginx to either allow or deny certain countries from accessing your site using the GeoIP database which maps IP addresses to the origin country. Nginx GeoIP Requirements Nginx Installation - Nginx must already be installed on your server if it is not yet. Please see How to Install Nginx Nginx must

Nginx Browser Caching

Nginx Browser Caching

You can use Nginx to Set cache expiration times  to leverage browser caching for the user requesting specific file types. This will cause the browser to retain the downloaded image until the length of the expires header. This will cause faster page time loads on each subsequent request performed by

Piwik Analytics on Nginx


Piwik is a open source web site analytics software. It is free and opensource and can be used to track Nginx requests as well as Apache. This guide covers the Nginx configuration and installation of Pikwik. You can read more about Piwik here. If you do not already have Nginx and