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How To Reset A MySQL Root Password

How To Reset MySQL Root Password

MySQL contains it own 'root' password independent of the system root password, this is a guide on how to reset the MySQL root password. To reset it you will need root access on the server that has the MySQL instance. The same process applies to percona and mariadb servers as

MySQL Replication Master Slave Setup

Mysql Replication

MySQL Replication allows you to synchronize slave copies of a MySQL server. You can then use the slave to perform backups and a recovery option if the master should go offline for any reason. MySQL needs to be installed on both servers. Install MySQL on both servers: yum install -y mysql-server mysql-client

How To Copy MySQL Grants

How to Copy MySQL Grants

What Are MySQL Grants? MySQL grants are privileges issued to users in MySQL. They allow users different permissions,  in certain situations you will need to duplicate those grants from one user to another or copy all of the grants to another server or MySQL instance.  You can read more about grants

Increasing MySQL Max Connections

How to Copy MySQL Grants

You can see what the current setting is by running the following SQL command from the MySQL command line tool, phpMyAdmin, or a similar tool: show variables like "max_connections"; This will return a resultset like this, showing you what your current max connections setting is: MariaDB [(none)]> show variables like "max_connections"; +-----------------+-------+ | Variable_name |