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MySQL Replication Master Slave Setup

Mysql Replication

MySQL Replication allows you to synchronize slave copies of a MySQL server. You can then use the slave to perform backups and a recovery option if the master should go offline for any reason. MySQL needs to be installed on both servers. Install MySQL on both servers: yum install -y mysql-server mysql-client

Nginx Compile From Source On CentOS

Nginx Compile From Source

Nginx (pronounced ("Engine X") is a high performance web server. It  can be used as a web server, proxy server, load balancer, media streaming and more. It can serve static content and supports SSL. Compiling from source does not take long at all and compiling from source allows you to

Creating A New Virtual Machine with KVM

This article covers creating a new virtual machine with KVM. It is based on CentOS however the majority applies to any OS using KVM. We are going to build a CentOS 7 virtual machine. Virtual Machine CLI Installation: Install wget if you don't already have it: Part of this requires desktop First grab a

Linux Access Control Lists

Linux Access Control Lists

ACLs (Access control lists) are a security feature which can expand or restrict permissions on files and directories in a linux file system. Redhat/CentOS 7 use xfs by default and are automatically configured with ACLs however if you are using 6 or below or a different filesystem format you will need

KVM installation on CentOS

Virsh list for KVM

KVM(Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is a full virtualization software for linux. You can run multiple virtual server instances under one physical host. This allows you to seperate services and run them on different virtual machines.  The link to the project can be found here. Running virtual servers is often used to

Compiling PHP from source on CentOS


PHP is a  open source scripting language, commonly used for web development. The code is executed on the server before being displayed to clients unlike other languages like JavaScript.  PHP can also be used for command line actions as well and has a wide range of libraries and frameworks for