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How To Install And Configure mod_auth_mysql On Apache

How to install mod_auth_mysql

What Is Mod_Auth_Mysql? mod_auth_mysql is a Apache module used for authenticating users against a MySQL database. It is commonly used to protect pages and directories accessed via a web browser. You can view more about it on the project page. This guide assumes you already have a working mysql installation and Apache

How To Install And Test Go On CentOS

How To Install Go On CentOS

Go also known as golang, is a compiled computer programming language developed by google. It is loosely based on the C language but designed to overcome some of its short comings.  It is a general purpose language and can be used from server-side development to games and streaming media.  It

How to Save PHP Sessions in Memcached

Storigng PHP Sessions in memcached

Memcached is a high performance storage engine designed for storing chunks for data, so it is great for storing sessions in it.  The upside of doing this you notice a performance benefit from not writing these disk or a database is that you gain a performance increase. The downside is