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How to Save PHP Sessions in Memcached

Storigng PHP Sessions in memcached

Memcached is a high performance storage engine designed for storing chunks for data, so it is great for storing sessions in it.  The upside of doing this you notice a performance benefit from not writing these disk or a database is that you gain a performance increase. The downside is

Compiling PHP from source on CentOS


PHP is a  open source scripting language, commonly used for web development. The code is executed on the server before being displayed to clients unlike other languages like JavaScript.  PHP can also be used for command line actions as well and has a wide range of libraries and frameworks for

PHP 5.2 in cPanel easy apache 4

PHP 5.2 in removed from cPanel's easy apache 4 for quite some time. However you can get it to run using a CGI handler.  This isn't really recommended as newer versions of PHP offer both better performance and security when PHP 5.2 went end of life.  That said, certain old code