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How To Install Memcached on CentOS

memcached install on centos

Memcached is a high-performance caching system that is primarily used to speed up sites that rely on databases. It is an in-memory system for storing any data that could be from database calls or page requests.  To read more about Memcached you can view the project wiki on github

Clean out the repository:

yum clean all

Make sure everything is to date:

yum -y update

Install memcached and libevent-devel:

yum -y install memcached libevent-devel

Verify the configuration

nano /etc/sysconfig/memcached

You should see the following configuration information:


Start memcached:

systemctl start memcached

Make sure it persists on reboot:

systemctl enable memcached

To make sure it is running you can telnet to the port you ran it on and type stats

$ telnet localhost 11211
Trying ::1...
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
STAT pid 6331
STAT uptime 43199874
STAT time 1500745928
STAT version 1.4.10
STAT libevent 1.4.13-stable
STAT pointer_size 64
STAT rusage_user 645.228910
STAT rusage_system 1121.041575
STAT curr_connections 10
STAT total_connections 11
STAT connection_structures 11
STAT reserved_fds 20
STAT cmd_get 0
STAT cmd_set 0
STAT cmd_flush 0
STAT cmd_touch 0
STAT get_hits 0
STAT get_misses 0
STAT delete_misses 0
STAT delete_hits 0
STAT incr_misses 0
STAT incr_hits 0
STAT decr_misses 0
STAT decr_hits 0
STAT cas_misses 0
STAT cas_hits 0
STAT cas_badval 0
STAT touch_hits 0
STAT touch_misses 0
STAT auth_cmds 0
STAT auth_errors 0
STAT bytes_read 7
STAT bytes_written 0
STAT limit_maxbytes 1073741824
STAT accepting_conns 1
STAT listen_disabled_num 0
STAT threads 4
STAT conn_yields 0
STAT hash_power_level 16
STAT hash_bytes 524288
STAT hash_is_expanding 0
STAT expired_unfetched 0
STAT evicted_unfetched 0
STAT bytes 0
STAT curr_items 0
STAT total_items 0
STAT evictions 0
STAT reclaimed 0

That is it for installing memcached on CentOS.

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