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How To Setup mod_rewrite In Apache

Mod_rewrite on Apache

mod_rewrite is a Apache module installed on linux servers to manipulate URLs submitted in the browser to perform other functions than it appears. Mod_rewrite can improve SEO appearing to give it a static appearance. This guide assumes you already have Apache installed, if you do not please see How to Install Apache Enable

How To Install And Configure mod_auth_mysql On Apache

How to install mod_auth_mysql

What Is Mod_Auth_Mysql? mod_auth_mysql is a Apache module used for authenticating users against a MySQL database. It is commonly used to protect pages and directories accessed via a web browser. You can view more about it on the project page. This guide assumes you already have a working mysql installation and Apache

mod_proxy Installation and Configuration on Apache

mod_proxy installation on Apache

Introduction mod_proxy is a proxy/gateway for the Apache server. It allows you to direct Apache requests to other sites and/or ports within the web server. It can also support load balancing algorithms as well. This guide assumes you already have Apache 2.2 installed from source to build the modules.  To read

ModSecurity Installation With Apache On CentOS

Install ModSecurity With Apache On CentOS

ModSecurity is an open source monitoring system for web applications. It has powerful rule sets that allow you to protect applications from attacks.  View the project for more details. It provides a ton of features such as: More than 16,000 specific rules, broken out into the following attack categories: * SQL injection * Cross-site